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Our Senior School prepares students for their lives beyond school by supporting them to envision their future and make choices about learning, work and life.  Students in years 10, 11 and 12 participate in the BELIEVE (Building Equitable Links in Enterprise and Vocational Education) program.  Through this program students participate in learning experiences that focus on skills for learning, personal wellbeing, and career pathways.  Students develop their skills, strengths and interests, set goals, and create action plans that guide them as they move beyond school into interesting, flourishing lives.

Individual Education Plans




 Vocational Education and Training (VET)

Preparing students for the workplace is an integral aim of our VET programs. Through participation in Vocational Education our students develop new skills in real-world, community-based experiences.  Our VET programs provide students with the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications, or Skill Sets, linked to job roles.  In addition to improving the employability potential of our students, our VET programs support students to develop their confidence and to make connections in their community. 




Enterprise Education makes learning real and exciting. In each Senior School class, the students collaborate to develop a business idea. They develop a business name, logo and uniform, and market their business to the school or wider community.  Students run their business and engage in regular reflection regarding successes, skill development, problem solving, and developing next steps.  Through the enterprise process, students develop their English, Maths and Career skills in a practical context linked to life, whilst also developing their transferable work skills. 

IMG_1227.JPGWorkplace Learning

We value participation in community-based work experience where students are integrated into authentic workplaces, alongside co-workers, as a significant contributor to the post-school success of our students.  Our Workplace Learning program allows for students to learn through practical, hands-on experiences.  Our students are introduced to work experience in Year 10, attending workplaces in small groups with support from staff.  In years 11 and 12 our students participate in the Authority Developed Workplace Learning (ADWPL) endorsed program.  Students are provided with support to meet their individual needs, whilst working towards increased independence in the workplace.  Workplace Learning encourages our students learn about what they can do, builds their confidence, enables families and employers to see what is possible for the student, and improves their chances of securing ongoing employment. 



Career Education

Through our school developed, “My Future My Life” Career Education program, our students explore the world of work, engage in self-exploration activities, and are supported to make positive connections in their local community.  Our Career Education program facilitates Individual Pathway Planning.  Individual Pathway Planning informs our students’ personal goals and plans for learning, wellbeing and growth.  In partnership with parents and guardians, and guided by our wellbeing and career development frameworks, learning plans are developed with our students that meet their individualised transition needs, preparing them for a healthy and meaningful adult life.  


English and Maths

Our English and Maths programs in Senior School are focused on the functional skills and strategies our students require in life.  Our learning programs are meaningful, engaging and integrated with the literacy and numeracy skills required in our Vocational and Workplace programs.  In Years 11 and 12 our English and Maths programs are informed by the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). This framework provides a detailed guide to the development of Reading, Writing, Oral Communication, Numeracy and Learning skills across several contexts:

- Personal and community
- Workplace and employment
- Education and training




Social Emotional Learning

Our Senior School students continue to develop their Personal and Social capabilities through our Social Emotional Learning curriculum in which they learn to understand themselves and others, and manage their relationships, lives, work and learning more effectively. Students are encouraged to develop their self-determination; becoming confident in who they are, making decisions, self-advocating, setting goals, and working to achieve these goals.


Health and Physical Education

Through our Health and Physical Education programs, our students learn the benefits of maintaining optimal health and wellbeing.  The Health and Physical Education curriculum provides students with an understanding of health practices and skills needed for recreational activities and the ability to make responsible decisions to promote personal health and wellbeing.  Year 10 students participate in Physical Education lessons with the mainstream school, accessing specialist teachers and opportunities for interactions with a wider range of peers.  In Years 11 and 12 the focus is on students developing and actioning their own personal goals linked to health, fitness and recreation; and on learning about the facilities and supports in their local community that will assist them to meet these goals, both now and beyond school. 






Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (ASDAN) is a curriculum development organisation and awarding body, providing programmes and qualifications that offers opportunities for students to build skills for learning, employment and life.  ASDAN caters for a wide range of abilities, ensuring all students achieve success.  At Warnbro Community High School Education Support Centre we incorporate ASDAN in our curriculum from year 10. Students in year 10 complete a Workright module which provides a framework to develop a range of transferable core skills for work. Students in years 11 and complete modules which develop work, personal, social, and independence skills. ASDAN is integrated into our curriculum through engaging and challenging activities which lead to an internationally recognised certificate of achievement.