Big Buddy/Little Buddy

The Big Buddy/Little Buddy program is a leadership initiative which supports the effective transition of year 7 students into our school. In the Big Buddy/Little Buddy program year 10 students are mentors to the new students; interacting with them during recess times and at arranged classroom times. This process supports the new students to feel safe and happy at our school. The program facilitates the development of positive social interactions amongst students, helping create a sense of positive purpose and a sense of connection and belonging to the school.

Person Centred Planning

Person Centred Planning brings together the student, their parents/guardians, teachers, local community members and career practitioners to support the student think about, plan for, and act on steps that will lead them towards a positive future.

Person Centred Planning emphasises our students’ strengths and gifts. It helps them to think about what they want from their lives, what their dreams and aspirations are, and how to develop achievable action steps towards this positive future.

The Big Plan

The Big Plan is a large group Person Centred Planning process that helps a person think about and plan for their own future in a way that is meaningful to them. The Big Plan has this great question at the heart of it …

“What would it take for this person to have an interesting, fulfilling life where they could make their contribution to the community and meet people who may become their friends?”  

In The Big Plan students and their families join us to participate in a series of workshops. Each workshop has a different theme which supports the student to explore who they are and to think about the purpose and direction of their lives. The Big Plan focuses on the students strengths, interests, hopes and aspirations.