The Wellbeing Team

The Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre’s Wellbeing Team works to support optimum health and wellbeing for students and staff and to ensure a positive, safe and caring school community. The Wellbeing Team provides both targeted and small group support for students as well as support for ongoing staff development. The Wellbeing Team contributes to the whole school Positive Education Model – HAPEER and the intentional promotion of optimal learning, social and emotional development, personal strengths and resilience.



The Wellbeing Team

  • Provides a range of student and family mental health supports, as well as building a network of services and community links.
  • Builds strong relationships with students and families.
  • Increases staff awareness of mental health interventions and strategies.
  • Provides small group support.
  • Enables a strong team approach to case management of students.
  • Provides support for teachers and class teams in supporting students with complex
  • Utilises a wide range of learning and mental health assessment frameworks to shape appropriate intervention strategies to enable the best outcome for the student, family and school.
  • Provides input into Social and Emotional learning programs.
  • Compliments the school’s social and emotional curriculum including that of PATHS, Protective Behaviours, Tribes and Person Centred Planning.
  • Works with the local primary schools and families to support the transition of students entering Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre.

School Psychologists

Our school psychologists provide specialist knowledge in individual, group and system-wide interventions through a process of problem solving, collaboration and consultancy within a psycho educational framework. They use research and data to inform the planning of interventions designed to enhance student behaviour, mental health and wellbeing, social competency and educational achievement.

Youth Worker

The Youth Worker provides a range of support in the school for students, families and staff including:

  • Case Management
  • Student counselling
  • Student Support
  • Family Support – increase awareness of local services
  • Student Leadership – Student Council and Big Buddy Little Buddy
  • Networking – strengthening connections to services in the local community
  • Co-ordination of external mental health service provision within school

Student Support Workers

The Student Support Workers support students with complex behavioural needs in the classroom. In conjunction with the Wellbeing Team, the Student Support Workers work with class teachers and education assistants to set goals and implement strategies and interventions.

The Student Support Workers provide support through the following:

  • Conduct observations
  • Collect data
  • Support goal setting for student behaviour
  • Support the implementation of interventions and strategies
  • Support student self-regulation at recess and lunch
  • Deliver Professional Learning in Team Teach
  • Work shoulder to shoulder with staff to implement Team Teach strategies