Positive Education – Strategies

Sensory Regulation – Body Breaks

Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre recognises the importance for sensory regulation and provides regular ‘Body Breaks’ for the students.

‘Body Breaks’ essentially – give the body a break. It incorporates the vestibular (movement) and proprioceptive (joint awareness and deep pressure) senses into activities to decrease/increase level of alertness. This provides organisation for the body to achieve a ‘just right’ level of alertness for learning.

Body breaks are organised into:

  • Too fast – calming the body down for learning
  • Just right – how we can maintain alertness
  • Too slow – ‘rev’ the body up

Restorative Justice

Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre uses the Restorative Justice Process as a whole school approach to assist teachers and students to build, maintain and restore relationships. Restorative justice promotes resilience in both the person who is harmed and the person who causes the harm. It is about helping our students to become aware of the impact of their behaviour by encouraging empathy, accountability, expression of feelings and thoughts, and problem solving.

Affective questions are used to assist in managing conflict or a potential conflict situation and work towards resolution. This process enables the students to be heard, ascertain what has happened, understand the impact on both parties and identify ways to move forward.

TRIBES – Reaching all by creating

At Warnbro ESC we promote academic, social and emotional development by creating a positive environment. Tribes Learning Communities provides us with the process that guides our school to build a safe and inclusive community.

To promote a spirit of cooperation and social acceptance, students and teachers follow four basic agreements:

  • Attentive listening
  • Appreciation/No put-downs
  • Right to participate
  • Mutual respect

In creating a positive learning community students feel cared about and are encouraged to care about each other. They experience a sense of being valued and respected and the students matter to one another and to the teacher. They feel connected to each other.

Tribes Learning Communities at Warnbro ESC can be best categorised by the following:

They are reflective. Both students and teachers learn about their own strengths and weaknesses and adapt their learning to suit their own needs.

They are developmental. It is acknowledged that students develop at different rates and that learning occurs at different stages.

They are diverse. The different talents and interests of students and teachers are not only recognised, but form the basis of curriculum, teaching and assessment.

They are caring. Students learn not only to be kind to each other and to respect each other, but to help each other to grow as learners and as persons.