Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre is committed to building a supportive, connected school culture where students feel physically and emotionally safe. We aim to maximise students’ confidence, self-esteem, resilience and sense of self, while enabling students to flourish and become their best self, academically, emotionally and socially.

Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre has a major focus on Positive Education. Our HAPEER Positive Education framework is based on the intentional promotion of optimal learning, social and emotional development, personal strengths and resilience. We aim to facilitate flourishing lives that promote individual and also organisational wellbeing.

Positive Education is education focussed on traditional areas of academic and social development, complemented by approaches that nurture wellbeing and promote good mental health” – Seligman.

We have developed our Positive Education framework based on the belief that key domains can lead a person to flourish can be taught. We work to build a strong school community where the values of respect, collaboration, inclusion and excellence are embedded across the school. We actively plan to build students’ sense of connection and belonging through the implementation of a Positive Education Framework (HAPEER). Our 6 key domains are:

hapeer H Positive Health
A Positive Accomplishments
P Positive Purpose
E Positive Emotions
E Positive Engagement
R Positive Relationships