Humanities & Social Sciences

Science and Humanities & Social Science are addressed in the middle school through a cross-curricular approach to learning.  Throughout the year various topics are covered.  The topics chosen are based on issues relevant to the students or are currently in the news.

Students are encouraged to research the impact humans have on each other and the environment through a variety of formats such as the internet, media, maps, graphs and tables.  The cross-curricular approach allows for simultaneous learning in Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities & Social Science and encourages engaged, on-task behaviours.

Through our cross-curricular approach students in middle school have the opportunity to create an enterprise activity. The aim of the enterprise activity is to promote our students to flourish by having a positive purpose. Students create products that are purchased by the staff and the funds gathered are given to a worthy cause. In doing so our hope is to instil in our students a sense of responsibility to the world and the importance of helping others. In forming class enterprises the students have the opportunity to develop life skills through working as part of a team, practising appropriate communication with adults, and developing an awareness of financial mathematics.