Senior School

Students in years 10, 11, 12 and 13 participate in the BELIEVE (Building Equitable Links in Enterprise and Vocational Education) program.  This program prepares students for entry into further study, entry to the workforce and transition to an independent and prosperous life after school. 

Students in the senior school BELIEVE program select an industry area to study. Currently students can choose from Business, Transport & Logistics, Retail, Hospitality and Agrifoods. Collaboration with local training providers ensures students achieve nationally recognised qualifications in these industry areas.

Through delivery of the BELIEVE program English, Maths and Career subjects are presented via learning activities that are meaningful and engaging.  The practical application of these skills are reinforced through student involvement in Workplace Learning.  Students attend workplaces in the local community and consolidate their skills through participation in school-based enterprise projects that simulate work places.

The Directions program is also available for students in the senior school.  The Directions program is a highly individualised program of work experience, TAFE courses, School Based Traineeships, Independent Living, Life-skills and school based learning that is focused on student needs, interests, skills and aspirations.

Students’ specific individual needs are targeted through consultation with parents and the development of Individualised Transition Plans.  Together, the Individual Transition Plans and the BELIEVE program provide students in the senior school with the opportunity to develop literacy, numeracy, and self-management skills needed for a flourishing life beyond school.