Developing students’ skills in Language, Literacy and Communication through meaningful and engaging learning experiences is the focus in senior school. The curriculum is designed to embed three key skill areas into Vocational and Educational Training (VET) courses, Workplace Learning, Enterprise Education projects and ASDAN endorsed courses.

Our Literacy programs are informed by the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). This framework provides a detailed guide to the development of Reading, Writing and Oral Communication skills across several contexts:

  • Personal and community
  • Workplace and employment
  • Education and training

The ACSF is used to identify and describe students’ performance in any of the core skill areas. Students’ areas of strength and need are identified to facilitate targeted teaching to the specific areas, while monitoring their progress over time. This information is clearly articulated in the student’s Individual Transition Plan (ITP).


During Reading sessions students are provided with a variety of texts for the real life experiences in relation to special interest, life skills, work readiness and current affairs. Students are taught techniques of skim reading and reading for purpose, audience and understanding. These skills support students’ functional reading in real life contexts.

Oral Communication

In Oral Communication skills, we develop our programs from the belief that language is a social everyday event, which is shaped by purpose and content. Our Oral Communication program focuses on developing students’ essential speaking and listening skills including; communicating needs and wants, developing relationships, asking and comprehending questions, identifying key information, clarifying information and using informal and formal language.


In writing, we focus on writing for a specific audience and purpose, choosing the appropriate text type, layout and implementing a writing process reflecting planning, drafting, proof-reading, and reviewing. We also develop the mechanics of writing vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, spelling and legibility. The teaching of Writing skills includes the traditional pen and paper modes of writing, as well as other forms of writing such as computer literacy; utilising word processing, chat or emailing, and other technologies such as mobile phone SMS.