Partnerships & Pathways

At Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre we build pathways for our students into the community by developing partnerships with:

  • Employment Agencies
  • Local Business
  • Industry
  • Local Schools

Our school is a member of the Peron Alliance in Curriculum and Teaching (PACT) as well as the Peron Education Support School Alliance (PESA). Collaborating with other schools through PACT and PESA allows us to share expertise and resources enhancing our school’s ability to maximise student outcomes. Our school is co-located with Warnbro Community High School creating another important partnership. Our two schools work collaboratively in a relationship that strengthens both schools, promotes inclusion and contributes to a strong community where Education Support Centre students and staff enjoy equal citizenship of both schools.

Community Partnerships

City of Rockingham

Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre works collaboratively with The City of Rockingham to promote and facilitate community events. Through regular communication with the City of Rockingham the school identifies community events that students can contribute to. During Harmony Week our students created and delivered presentations to promote an appreciation of multiculturalism. To celebrate Book Week students coordinated and facilitated ‘toddler time’ reading sessions, craft and entertainment activities at the Warnbro Community Library.

Our students have enjoyed contributing to artistic endeavours within the community. Students have competed in the annual City of Rockingham, Art Banner Competition which is themed according to current community issues of interest and relevance. Partnering with the City of Rockingham on these projects supports our students to connect with, and contribute to their local community.


Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre has a partnership with Gracehaven Aged Care Facility in the City of Rockingham. The students run a café for the residents of Gracehaven who enjoy lemonade flavoured scones, gluten free red velvet cakes and rich earthy coffees. The students set up, take orders, prepare and serve coffee and cakes which the residents now consider ‘a highlight of the week’.

This enterprise provides opportunities for students to demonstrate the practical skills they have learnt at school and at TAFE. Through this partnership, students give-back to the local community and develop the social skills to interact with a diverse range of people.

Volunteer Task Force

Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre, in conjunction with Volunteer Task Force, takes pride in developing an ongoing partnership in providing a volunteer service in the community. Students are provided with opportunities to assist in maintaining local parks and gardens and assist the elderly in their gardens. The students use gardening equipment and follow the industry Occupational Health and Safety guidelines.

Through this partnership students develop an understanding of: environmental needs in the community, an understanding of the needs of some people in our community, and an increased awareness of the many varied work roles that exist in the community. This partnership also enables our students to see how they can make a positive contribution to their community.  

Class 1 Orthodontics

Class 1 Orthodontics, a local Orthodontics business in the City of Rockingham, has a café facility located in its office block. This fully functional café facility was not in operation which created an opportunity for our hospitality students.   A partnership was established between Warnbro CHS ESC and Class 1 Orthodontics in which our students use the facilities to run a small café for staff of Class 1 Orthodontics and the surrounding businesses.

In running the café our students are able to demonstrate barista skills, develop customer service skills and practice safe money handling. The ongoing assistance from Class 1 Orthodontics supports our students in developing their work skills and help them prepare for transition from school into the world of work.