Transition Planning Process

‘My Future My Life’ is our comprehensive and individualised transition planning process that promotes a seamless transition for our students as they journey into, through and from school. ‘My Future My Life’ transition planning promotes active student involvement, active family involvement and interagency collaboration.

Through the ‘My Future My Life’ transition planning process, students are supported to envision their future and make choices about learning, work and life. A Person Centred Planning approach is used to help students think about their gifts, skills, interests and possibilities for their future. Through this process, students build support networks and develop action plans that guide them as they move beyond school into interesting and fulfilling lives.



The ‘My Future My Life’ transition planning process includes:

  • Primary to High School Transition Program
  • Transition Timeline
  • Transition Case Management Checklist
  • ‘My Future My Life’ Transition Curriculum
  • Individual Pathway Planning
  • Transition Portfolio
  • Exit Planning