Individual Pathway Planning

Individual Pathway Planning

In Pathway Planning students identify short and long term goals and associated plans to assist them manage their life, learning and work. Plans are adapted as the student transitions through stages of schooling and life.

During middle school Pathway Planning is focused on:

  • Identification of strengths and interests
  • Building a positive self-concept
  • Developing positive relationships with others
  • Exploring the nature of life and work roles

In senior school the focus then shifts to an emphasis on growing, identifying and preparing in relation to work exploration and career development.

Transition Portfolio

A Transition Portfolio is a student-owned and managed file that is used to record and inform the student’s Pathway Planning. A Transition Portfolio includes valuable information and documents that support the student in their journey of discovering who they are, what they want in their future, and how to make and act on plans for their future. Students are issued with a Transition Portfolio when they enter Warnbro CHS Education Support Centre and it is developed and built on as the student progresses through school.