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“How Can We Improve Our Community?” 

This term staff at Warnbro CHS ESC had the privilege of judging the Middle School students presentations on “How they Can Improve the Community”.

 We had 12 students present fantastic ideas with David, Nikkeah and Sara winning our school competition based on their idea of “Warnbro Community Lego Library.”

 It is incredible to see our students confidently demonstrate high level communication skills as they compete amongst other schools in the Rockingham District.



Aidan’s Care Packages for the Homeless



Thank You West Perth Rotary Club! 

Warnbro CHS ESC would just like to take a moment to acknowledge West Perth Rotary Club and the wonderful sponsors. 
They provide our school with free tickets to attend wonderful shows such as that “2017 World Festival of Magic”.









Care packs ready for the community

A Warnbro Community High School Education Support Centre student is addressing homelessness as a way of making the community a better place.

Year 9 student Aidan won the Bendigo Make My Community Better Competition with his idea of creating care packages for the homeless.

The competition, conducted by the Bendigo Bank in Rockingham, is open to all students in Years 8-10 across the Rockingham area.

The competition aims to engage students with their community and through hearing the voice of youth generate quality and innovative proposals for community improvement.

Aidan sent letters and emails to schools in the area to encourage donations of goods, such as toothpaste, hats, beanies and shampoo.

“I spent a lot of time thinking about how I can make the community a better place,” he said.

“A small idea can make a big difference.”

Aidan also organised a collection of the goods, which were packaged on Monday with the help of his fellow students.

“I feel very proud,” he said.

The packages will be distributed by the Rockingham Street Chaplains.

Teacher Ailie James said Aidan had put a lot of effort and hard work into the project.

“We’re very proud of him and all the students who have helped put the packages together,” she said.



Warnbro Day

On Friday the 8th of September the sun was shining and the annual Warnbro Day carnival was in full swing. All students and staff join together for a combination of Athletics events and fun activities. Collins (Green), Stirling (Blue), Anzac (Red) and Darwin (Yellow) were all represented on the day, with some of our

students performing incredibly well.

There was live music played by students, sausage sizzles, fairly floss, zorb ball soccer, giant inflatable obstacle courses and much, much more. 







ANZAC were declared the official winners on the day in both the Athletics’ Competition and Warnbro Day overall. The main focus wasn’t the competition, rather the focus was on having fun with others, building and strengthening staff and student relationships, and have a positive experience together. The day was a great success!




Aidan’s care packages for the Homeless

On Friday the 8th of September Aidan headed out to collect items from Endeavour Education Support Centre, Rockingham Montesssori School and Warnbro Community High School Education Support Centre to support his initiative to create care packages for the homeless.  Aidan felt extremely proud of his endeavour to help others in need and was overwhelmed by the support in collecting the following items: 

90 Sandwich bags

47 Soaps

39 Toothbrushes

39 Toothpastes

32 Sets of Tissues

26 Brushes

24 Deodorants

21 Packs of wipes

13 Hats

12 Body Washes

11 Sunscreens

1 Talcum powder

1 Scarf

1 Sanitary items

10 Mouthwashes

8 Hair Conditioners

7 Shampoos

7 Dental Flosses

7 Soap cases

5 Water bottles

4 Beanies

4 Mirrors

3 Nail brushes

3 Pairs of socks

3 Mixed Toiletry bags

2 Razors






If you did not have the opportunity to donate an item and would still like the opportunity Aidan would appreciate more wipes, deodorant, sunscreen and bodywash.

I would like to thank all the families who have supported Aidan and those who will be.




Warnbro Cell Excellence in Education Awards for Teachers and Support staff

This year for the first time  Warnbro Cell Excellence in Education Awards for Teachers and Support staff have been introduced.  The awards have been introduced to encourage and recognise some of the outstanding teachers and support staff in our schools.

  • Congratulations to Jacqui Jones and Laura Brown  for their nominations  for Excellence In Education Awards for Support Staff.
  • Congratulations Vicky Worswick for her  Warnbro Cell Excellence in Education Award for  Support staff.
  • Congratulations to Charlotte Gardiner for her  Warnbro Cell Excellence in Education Awards for a Teacher









Student Performance – WAESPAA Conference

On Friday of week 6, our students performed on stage with Music Rocks at the 2017 Annual WAESPAA (Western Australian Education Support Principals & Administrators Association) Conference. The Music Rocks students proudly showcased their musical abilities – Tiana & Tiffany singing, Alex and Jamie on guitar, Kayden on drums, and Hailey on keyboard. The students performed magnificently and we are very proud of their behavior.   




Aidan’s care packages for the Homeless

A friendly reminder that if you are interested in supporting Aidan’s care packages for the Homeless we have now extended the date for drop off to the 8th of September.  Below is a list of items that have been allocated to your child’s class:


Year 7 – Toothpaste or toothbrush

Year 8 – Water bottle or a cap

Year 9 – Jumbo snap lock bags or a comb

Year 10 – Body wash or deodorant

Year 11 – Wipes or pocket pack tissues

Year 12 – Sunscreen 100ml

Year 13 – Any items from above


We appreciate any support you can offer, and if you have any queries please contact Marianne Mangano.



Sound Telegraph Article – Flourishing Festival – 9th June 2017

Shea McCann, 14, Hailey Carson, 15, Taylor Green, 12, and Aidan Blackshaw, 14, with principal Kim McCullom. Picture: Emily Sharp

The hearts of past, present and future students and parents were warmed at Warnbro Education Support Centre’s annual Flourishing Festival last Friday morning.

The event, a celebration of its students’ strengths and achievements, provided parents with the opportunity to enjoy musical and dance performances and hear from students about their experiences.

Leah Lazenby and Scott Carson, both 15.

Principal Kim McCullom said the festival sat at the heart of the school’s purpose, which was about giving every student the opportunity to flourish and to celebrate how far they had come and where they were hoping to go.

“It’s about children growing, their achievements, them getting qualifications and skills to lead really fulfilling lives and that is why we are all here,” she said.

Corey Fox, 16, Keegan Sims, 18, Harris Lewis, 17, Agrifoods teacher Scott Beattie, Bailey Wilson, 17, and Western Doherty, 17.

Ten different agencies attended on the day including headspace, Anglicare, Aqua Jetty and Centrelink to provide students and parents with information about support that is available.

The festival is based on the school’s positive education model, which aims at encompassing accomplishments, purpose, emotions, health, relationships and engagement.

Education assistant Braely Garnaut, with students Angelina Kell, Ethan Judkins and Tayla Watson, all 15, and business teacher Mitchell Shellam.