Linking Learning to Life

Enterprise Education

Senior school students develop enterprise projects related to the industry they are studying. Through the enterprise process students engage in meaningful, hands on projects such as running a café where they make and sell coffees to staff, building functional and decorative structures such as planter boxes, or managing stationery orders and their delivery across the school. Through these simulated workplaces students develop transferable work skills.

Enterprise Education provides opportunities for students to develop community partnerships. Students have partnered with the City of Rockingham to support community events; the hospitality class run a café at a local aged care facility; students have redeveloped gardens at a local school. These community partnerships allow our students to demonstrate work and life skills in a variety of contexts while also helping our students see how they can make a valuable contribution to their community.

Enterprise Education makes learning real and exciting with a focus on the achievement of curriculum outcomes. The goal of Enterprise Education is to achieve a learning culture which results in our students being able to successfully manage personal, business, work and community opportunities. Through the use of Enterprise Education, students achieve learning outcomes from a wide range of learning areas. The Enterprise approach allows for integration of the delivery and assessment of Vocational Education and Training, School Curriculum and Standards Authority Programs and school developed literacy, numeracy and life skills programs.